The Ride

September Air of Hulunbuir Prairie            
The Individualist - Go Against the Flow            

Inspiring Serenity

Through a Flagstone Path in the Rain            
The Book Pavilion, Rain Sound and Space            

Aspiration of Botanicals

The Opening Ceremony of a Mulberry Leaf            
Seashore Vegetable Garden Impression            

Surrealistic Aspects  

             Sound of Stone Wave and Stalagmite Bonsai   
             Rain Season Rendezvous at Flower Market

Champaca Time-lapse

             Morning Champaca Sunrise at Jiangnan Stone Bridge
             Night Champaca Bloom under Midsummer Moonlight

Larch Forest Air

             A Picturesque Ramble in the Golden Larch Forest
             Iridescent Lake Mist by the Larch Forest


Each composition, introduced with an ancient symbol and its untold message, presents a novelistic depiction: nature, ambience, a particular space and time, and the untamed spirit.

Charged with scenic tranquillity, these impressionistic compositions allow us to embark on a synesthetic journey, where the imprints of felicitous moments and traces of nostalgic feelings are rediscovered.

In a fraction of a second, deep within the perfumed space, we are taken on an interactive voyage, traveling from one place to the next, to a space in abstraction, to a time outside time.


Stalagmite Bonsai and Flower Market



Part 1: Sound of Stone Wave and Stalagmite Bonsai

Nature is a secret keeper, an artistic philosopher. This composition delves into a sedate subterranean world, inviting us on a journey through a tranquil bonsai garden of minerals, listening to a scintillating trio in perpetual concert: the trickle of water droplets, the soothing whisper of rocks, and the evolution of time around it all.

Part 2: Rain Season Rendez-vous at Flower Market

Summer, nature flourishes and everything blooms. Continuing from the subterranean exploration of the mineral bonsai garden, in this creation we are invited to an elusive flower market in town to enjoy an ambience of innocent simplicity. There is so much here to capture and keep: the nuanced feel of the air after a gentle rainfall, the botanical opulence bursting from the market hall, and the golden haze of the sun falling on it all. Through this meticulous approach to conjuring memory through the senses, the crisp image of each flower becomes vivid, even with eyes closed.

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Part 1: The Ride of Good Old Days
September Air of Hulunbuir Prairie

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “prairie”? A vast grassland under infinite blue skies? A fresh mountain breeze and a breathtaking view? This simple word encapsulates all these things and more. Both compositions in the “Ride of the Good Old Days & Future Times” series focus on bringing to your senses the openness in all its forms—the unrestricted space, the inspired mood, and the independent spirit.

Part 2: The Ride of Future Times
The Individualist - Go Against the Flow

In this olfactory space, we are taken for a drive through time into a futuristic world. Whether crossing beams of sunlight, or under the starry sky, going against the flow is only a state of mind, and between the road and you, there is only time.

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Part 1: A Picturesque Ramble in the Golden Larch Forest

This composition features the joyous feeling of a free and unfettered ramble in the larch forest of the southern Altai Mountains.

The cool, changing air, the cloudless blue sky, the kaleidoscopic view of the mountains draped before us like a painting, the crisp sound and enticing aroma of a leisurely walk through the forest’s fallen leaves.

Part 2: Iridescent Lake Mist by the Larch Forest

8:00 a.m., the spellbinding moment of convergence between sun and moon, a sensory discovery begins. Here we observe a transformation incited by the warmth of the autumn sun and the cool lake water: the changing humidity in the air, the mutating, iridescent haze under the azure sky, the floating shadow of the golden larch forest and the silent formation of lake mist. Welcome to an unrestricted open space, where the spirit of the golden forest and the purple lake unites.

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A Time-lapse Experience in the Larch Forest



Part 1: Through a Flagstone Path in the Rain

Hardly anything inspires tranquillity more deeply than the idyllic atmosphere of Jiangnan. This olfactory creation depicts the charming ambience of its historic old town and takes us on a sensory journey of serenity and enlightenment. Rain, city, slow tempo, and an analogue lifestyle form a broad palette of pastel colours which melt into fluid memories before us.

Part 2: The Book Pavilion, Rain Sound and Space

Rain and books, both share one aspect in many ways: they calm the mind and refresh the spirit. This sensory voyage brings us to a well-preserved wooden pavilion, where countless books, rare manuscripts and precious scrolls are carefully stored. Being in a place far away from anything, at the same time being inside of a space-within-a-space, we enjoy a quiet moment to listen to the gentle rain, to distil thought, to reread old books that once became a part of us. Through the beautiful silence, we venture a glimpse into the future.

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Part 1: The Opening Ceremony of a Mulberry Leaf

In this series, "Aspiration of Botanicals", we delve into the universe of botanicals and its secret manual for balance. This sensory journey begins with a mulberry leaf. Carried by the touch of a velvet summer breeze, an evocative and pleasant smell fills the air, creating a shroud of rich aromatics around the mulberry tree. We are invited to enter this fragrant space, which transports us instantly to somewhere outside of time, a place both familiar and new, ancient and vital.

Part 2: Seashore Vegetable Garden Impression

Summer, the best time to enjoy the sunshine on a majestic, gold-crescent beach. Inside this hypnotic garden exhibition, we are escorted to an airy ballroom, with the flower fairies as curator, the green paprika as ballet dancer, the green sprouts as conductor, the sunshine as the mirror, and the sand as the reflector.

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A Glimpse of Secret World Inside the Vegetal Kingdom



Part 1: Morning Champaca: Sunrise at Jiangnan Stone Bridge
Champaca represents more than a flower. Many people consider it the flower that eases worry and anxiety. Going beyond the limits of floral perfumes, these two creations unfurl the transformation and the nuanced character of the Champaca flower during the day, with a unique time-lapse effect.

Part 2: Night Champaca: Bloom under Midsummer Moonlight

In this composition, we are listening to a Champaca nocturne under the starry night. Still in Jiangnan, still on the old, stone bridge, only by now the air has cooled slightly and the Champaca flower is ensconced in its evening home, the pavilion of stars. Night Champaca takes our senses travelling to a translucent Champaca garden, where we are lulled by its joyous hues, gold-fortuned narratives, and childhood dreams.

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"Life is an art; striving for excellence is an attitude; perceiving the resonance of time is a state of mind."

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